The Grifter

So, there are few things that have disturbed me in my life. But one of them surely is this strange video which came to life thanks to the popular boards of 4chan, to which we can take as the origin of this strange legend. initially brought up by the 4chan board /x/ of an anonymous poster who asked where could he find the source of the video since he had been trouble sleeping due to constant nightmares he/she had after watching the video, and soon everyone in that post started posting about how horrible it was. after a while some claim that the one who brought the video up had killed himself and that many of the people who saw the video started having nightmares and depression. Taken from another source: "The OP posted the link after saying how fucked up it was. It was real grainy and, from what I remember, it showed strange images like a bathtub full of writing maggots, haunting paintings from old times melting, random forests, flashing colors, and text in another language. All the while, a strange voice spoke. It sounded like a strange murmur; if you've seen the 'there is nothing' video, it was like that but more indistinguishable. The graininess eventually lifted a little and showed a video of a small puppy being held up by its neck. It was moving as if it were in pain, but its cries were like a human child's. It then cut to a nursery with lots of cradles. Children were still in the cots, but looked as if they were dead. The camera panned over to one of the cots and one of the newborns rose up a little, began to cry, and bled from the eyes and mouth. There was another shot of the basement (like the original picture) with a bloodstained malformed hand disappearing into it. Finally, it showed more text (someone claimed it said "your race is the one that is dying.") with images of a plant rotting, close-ups of corpses, and what I can only describe as being 'real' cases of exorcism and demonic posession. These clearly have never been seen outside the country of origin.

While the scene plays, the voice that was speaking breaks out into screams of intense pain and suffering, which is just as deeply chilling as the initial shock of it. The creepy, radio-like murmuring is speaking throughout the whole video." After that the word spread and was tried to be posted on youtube, but was removed quickly due to several complaints. Now there are at least 5 versions scattered all over youtube and it is said that everyone of them is fake and finally, the story along with the video was considered as another well made creepy-pasta. But I decided to go deeper into the web, and every little source I found lead to nothing and when I finally found something, it was from a page of a russian goverments under classified information, so it wouldn't let me in. question is, is it real? or is it just another troll with excessive amount of free time and a creative mind ? the choice is yours. I wpuld leave the video here, but the real video it is said to be at least 4 minutes long or 3, most of the ones posted on youtube have 1 minute or less, so feel free to check them out.
Juan Carlos R.

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